Healthcare Analyst

Beatriz has an undergraduate in Economics at the Public University of Navarre in 2014. After been awarded with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) studentship, Beatriz completed a MSc in Economics and Health Economics in The University of Sheffield. She has worked on different healthcare projects such as an economic evaluation of the program of early detection of colorectal cancer in Navarre (Spain) or a cost-effectiveness analysis of Remifentanil intravenously administered patient-controlled analgesia versus Pethidine intramuscular injection for pain relief in labour in a multicentre trial in the UK.

Beatriz has experience as a researcher in health economics at The University of Manchester and worked as a teacher assistant in the same university. She also has work experience in other sectors than academia as a statistician in the quality department in Volkswagen, accountant in an entity owned by the Spanish Government and as a statistician in National Accounts in the Spanish Office for National Statistics. Beatriz is now working as a healthcare analyst providing evidence-based solutions to influence new healthcare strategies implemented by different healthcare organisations across the UK in the Strategy Unit.