Healthcare Analyst

Anastasiia works within the Integration Analytics team providing analytical reports to local health authorities and conducting economic evaluations of health and social care interventions. Anastasiia conducted North Staffordshire Integrated Care Analysis. This research examined the characteristics of different groups of service users and identified areas where a more integrated approach to commissioning across Health and Social Care might be benefited.

Most recently, Anastasiia worked on Case Study Evaluation of the Stranded Patients Programme aimed to assess the effectiveness of the programme across NHS Trusts. Using Interrupted time series analysis and Bayesian structural time series model, she investigated the impact of the intervention on the number of stranded patients, average length of stay and delayed transfers of care. 

Anastasiia is also managing the NHS-R community, promoting better use of R (free and powerful statistical software) and applied analytics in the NHS. The NHS-R community supports the learning, application and exploitation of R in the NHS through workshops, conferences and online solutions such as video tutorials and blogs. 

Before joining the Strategy Unit, Anastasiia completed BSc in Economics and MSc in Health Economics and Econometrics, where she gained knowledge of applied statistics, data analysis, decision-modelling and economic evaluations in healthcare sector. She also got project management and problem-solving skills working on HIV prevention projects in the UNESCO health education team