Ellie Moore
  • Ellie specialises in qualitative research. She applies these approaches to gather and understand the experiences of a range of stakeholders for the evaluation of health and care programmes. Ellie is particularly passionate about working with patients and frontline staff to gain an in depth understanding of what matters most to those most closely involved with services. 

    • Evaluation and impact assessment
  • Ellie draws on experience of working in clinical and evaluation roles within children and young people’s NHS mental health services, where she has supported service design, delivery, evaluation and improvement. 

    Since joining the Strategy Unit, much of Ellie’s work has focused on understanding and tackling health inequalities, supporting projects such as:

    • Understanding inequities in access to children and young people’s mental health services in the Midlands.

    • Producing good practice case studies on increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake. 

    • Identifying actions to improve the physical and mental health of autistic people, people with a learning disability and people with both.

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