Senior Business Manager

With over 20 years working in public and private sector Stewart has gained a wide range of experience in education, care and technology.

With previous roles ranging from Chairing a housing association (built to house adults with learning difficulties) to tapping phones for banks and industry, this varied past has led to a supportive, detailed and decisive approach to business management.

Stewart has a well-rounded view of the world and understands many facets of business process and how these dovetails with the NHS. With a Degree named “Making of the modern world” he is trying to make sense of the NHS and how best to improve peoples lives with limited resources and a growing needs base. Everyone needs a goal.

Stewart has spent the last 7 years successfully building income streams and managing bids and the pipeline processes in an NHS Based Business development role.

He is actively encouraging the 3rd sector to use the Strategy Unit as an agent of understanding in order to improve lives.