Five organisations are collaborating to provide analytical support to the health and care system to help in the fight against COVID-19: the Health Foundation; King’s Fund; Nuffield Trust; and two specialist NHS analytical teams, Imperial College Health Partners and the Strategy Unit.  The five organisations are working in a coordinated way to provide analysis and expertise to support the NHS on COVID-19, using their expertise to focus on questions that the NHS may lack the resources to look at, which may be more medium-term, cut across sectors, or benefit from independent analysis.  They are sharing their knowledge, information, multi-disciplinary analytical skills, and extensive links into different parts of the health and care system.  

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Analytical questions

This document provides an overview of a series of analytical projects that seek to support the NHS and partners nationally in their overall response to COVID-19. 

The projects have been initiated through the ‘Analytical Collaboration for COVID-19’. Through the collaboration, the organisations are supporting ad hoc immediate questions raised by national bodies but are also using their expertise to focus on questions that the NHS may lack the immediate resources to look at, which may be more medium-term, cut across sectors, or benefit from independent analysis. It is these projects that are addressed in this document. 

The selected projects have been developed and prioritised by the Collaboration partners informed by discussions with key stakeholders. The overviews provided in this document are initial high-level summaries that will evolve as the projects progress. Our purpose in sharing them is to raise awareness of the work being undertaken and to help minimise duplication of effort. 

If you have any queries in relation to the projects or the Analytical Collaboration, please contact the named project leads or the Collaboration project office at

The list of questions being addressed, and lead organisation, is provided below.  The summaries provide more information on:

  • The sub-questions that will be addressed in responding to this;
  • A brief summary of the approach and intended timelines;
  • What will not be addressed in our response;
  • Contact for more information.
Question Lead organisation
What are the inequalities in covid19 treatment, case, and mortality rates?  Which social groups (rather than clinical groups) are most vulnerable?  

Sarah Deeny - The Health Foundation

What is the impact of Covid-19 on healthcare in rural areas?  

Sarah Scobie - The Nuffield Trust

What is the variation between hospitals in case fatality rate and what explains it (e.g. use of ventilators)?  

Mohammed Mohammed - The Strategy Unit

What can we learn from the way the NHS has deployed a wide range of different analytical approaches to modelling of Covid-19, the ways in which that has been organised and how decision makers have shaped and reacted to that?  

A whole Collaboration project, co-ordinated by the Strategy Unit

What are the levels of stress /anxiety / burnout amongst the frontline NHS and care workforce?   TBC
What has been the impact of the shift to telehealth on number of appointments, length of appointments and patient satisfactions?  Where do we need to prioritise face to face care during the recovery phase?  

Sarah Scobie - The Nuffield Trust

In what circumstances / for what presentations are remote (telephone / video) GP consultations proved to be particularly useful or problematic?  

Siva Anandaciva - The Kings Fund

How might we capture the learning from practice innovations that have been developed out of necessity in response to the covid19 outbreak? How would we design a strategy?  

Paul Mason (Strategy Unit) - A whole Collaboration project, co-ordinated by the Strategy Unit

How did utilisation of other healthcare services (GPs and A&E) by non-Covid patients change, and why?  

Charles Tallack - The Health Foundation

What are the likely nature and scale of the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on population mental health and wellbeing?  

Andy Hood - The Strategy Unit

What is the impact on community services, and how might it change over time?

Sarah Scobie - The Nuffield Trust

What has been the impact of Covid-19 on non-Covid morbidity and mortality (and are these directly the result of Health system pressure or social distancing measures)?  

Sarah Deeny - The Health Foundation

What has been the impact of the suspension of non-urgent elective activity on: a) demand b) wider morbidity and mortality, inc. variation by demographic factors?   This question will be addressed in combination with the question above. 
What will be the impact of Covid-19, the lockdown, and NHSE guidance on waiting lists and waiting times for elective care and cancer treatment?  

Mike Woodall - The Strategy Unit

How would the modelled estimates of Covid-19 related deaths impact on standard mortality-based population health outcome measures?  

Paul Seamer - The Strategy Unit

How might Covid-19 related mortality alter the population structure and patterns of unplanned healthcare utilisation in the medium term?   

Justine Wiltshire - The Strategy Unit

What is the impact on the need for and use of social care for older people? (for example, arising from faster discharge from hospital, reduction in unpaid care because of social distancing). What is/ will be the impact on care homes?  

Sarah Deeny - The Health Foundation

Sarah Scobie - The Nuffield Trust

What is the impact of social distancing policies on: (a) rates of domestic abuse, child and adult abuse (b) health behaviours c) other communicable diseases (d) incidents of accidents and falls e) rates of vaccination?  

Sarah Scobie - The Nuffield Trust

How can the health and care system recover after Covid-19? 

Siva Anandaciva - The Kings Fund