Week One, 28 Sep - 2 Oct: Our decision-making context in 2020

Transformation in health and care has been rapid and intensive over the past six months. Asking the right analytical questions requires joined-up approaches, between leaders and their analytical workforce, as well as broader system stakeholders. This week focuses on the vital issues facing decision-makers, the contexts they are operating in, and from where they might draw support.

Week Two, 5 Oct - 9 Oct: The role of the Decision Support Network

The Midlands Decision Support Unit (DSU) Network is a new and emerging approach to bring together analytical resource across a region, develop analytical skills collectively and share learning from analytical projects. This week will describe how the Network will operate, share some of the learning from systems who have adopted this approach already and describe how evidence will underpin the Network's approach to decision-making.

Week Three, 12 Oct - 16 Oct: Analytical Priorities of the Decision Support Network

The Midlands Decision Support Unit Network has defined its analytical priorities for 20/21. This week we will describe the projects being carried out on behalf of the Network to respond to these priorities, the outputs they will produce and how these will be shared with the DSU Network and its partners. This will include the presentation of work already completed on behalf of the network focusing on resource usage in the last two years of life. Also considered this week will be what this way of working means for the future of analytics – what opportunities could it create for our analysts, our leaders and our population?

Week Four, 19 Oct - 23 Oct: Building momentum around addressing health inequalities

COVID-19 has shone a light on the health inequalities that exist across a variety of population groups. This week will provide a special series of sessions dedicated to this topic; where and why health inequalities exist, what we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and what are we doing to address them that we need to amplify.

Mid-festival break: 26 Oct - 30 Oct

Week Five, 2 Nov - 6 Nov: The Decision-making toolbox

‘Decision-making is an art’. We can train at it, rehearse and access tools to support us. However, human's are also subject to a wide range of biases which can undermine the quality of decision making, especially in complex real-world systems. This week focuses on the range of materials that exist to help us be better decision-makers.

We will also think about how we make best use of resources to collect the right evidence to support our decision-making, ensuring our methods are tested and reviewed with the aim of continuous improvement. 

Week Six, 9 Nov - 13 Nov: Making the most of our decision-making resources

The final week will build on all we have heard so far. We will think about how we develop our analytical leaders by building on the success of the Midlands Population Health Management Academy and thinking conceptually about 'what makes a good decision?', drawing on the tools and techniques on show over the course of the festival. We'll conclude the series with an expert panel to consider where we go from here...