Health and care services are labouring under a chronic state of stress – arising primarily from a mismatch between need and provision. ‘More of the same’ is not a viable response.

We believe there is therefore a need to enable and support innovation in its broadest sense - the creative process by which we respond to the challenges we face. 

But it isn’t enough to just try new things. Evaluation is an essential part of the innovation process – to evidence whether innovations have been successful or not, to identify the underlying factors and, most importantly, to learn from them.

We think there is far more that we can do to support these disciplines in health and care services –  at individual, organisation and system level, both by acting as an expert partner and by building capability within existing staff.

This microsite brings together a wide array of resources, including tools and templates, videos, case studies, blogs and a selection of our key evaluation reports. 

Our innovation & evaluation proposition acts as a unifying document, setting out our overall offer of support at individual, organisation and system level for each stage of the innovation process. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch

Innovation & Evaluation in the NHS