Health and social care systems do not make best use of existing analytical talents and resources. Analysts are often frustrated and de-skilled; decision-makers don't always make good use of analysis.

If this is true, then what should be done? What is the agenda for analysts? What are the skills, attributes and ways of working that they need to develop? How can they pool resources and expertise? And what about decision-makers? What could they do to make better use of insights from analytical work? What should the future look like?

We’ve been exploring these questions with our speakers below. Please do watch and share these videos and if you’d like to know more about our work with the #AnalystRevolution get in touch.

How can we improve the relationship between Analysts and Decision Makers?


What are the skills, attributes and qualities needed to be a leader as an analyst? How do we develop analysts as leaders?


Valuing the Analytical Workforce: A vision for career pathways and development opportunities?


What should we keep from Covid-19? What are the ways of working that we need to hold on to?


Where next for the #AnalystRevolution?