The Strategy Unit takes an applied, learning-oriented approach, informed by evidence. We blend our technical expertise with the local knowledge of our customers, enhancing the organisations, teams and systems we work with.

We are in the NHS, for the NHS. The Strategy Unit is hosted by Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit. Our staff are NHS employees and they are animated by NHS values.

What the Strategy Unit learns remains the property of the NHS; it is a matter of principle that we share it. We cover our costs through project funding. But what we develop is driven by what is needed for 21st Century healthcare and not by what we think we can sell. Any surplus we make is recycled for the benefit of the system.

We are profoundly multi-disciplinary. Our staff come from varied professional and personal backgrounds. Their academic backgrounds include maths, economics, history, natural sciences, medicine, sociology, psychology and political science. Their career histories are just as varied.

Drawing insights from this variety is where our strength lies – and growing the NHS advisory and analytical workforce is at the heart of our mission.

Our People