• Andriana is passionate about using data to understand and provide actionable recommendations for improving programme implementation and outcomes (for patients, organisations and broader system). She specialises in using theories of change and theory-based impact assessment to understand the complex causal pathways for how programmes lead to social and health outcomes (or why the outcomes did not occur). She has a particular interest in implementation science – ways of improving the adoption and embedding of evidence and evidence-based practices - and research ethics. 

    • Evaluation and impact assessment
    • Evidence reviews
  • Andriana is an experienced public sector consultant, project manager and mixed-methods researcher, specialising in qualitative research and theory-based evaluation. She has 7+ years’ experience conducting and managing exploratory research and large-scale programme evaluations across various policy areas (e.g., health, mental health, social care, crime and violence reduction). She applies her interdisciplinary understanding of health to design and deliver complex evaluations, accounting for the dynamic social, economic and political context in which programmes are implemented. She previously worked in academia and public sector consulting to deliver research and evaluations to support evidence-informed decision making of the central government (e.g., DfE, HO, DLUHC, MOD), local authorities, commercial and non-profit organisations. 

    She is also committed to ensuring research is conducted to the highest ethical standards and reviews research ethics applications as a member of the Health Research Authority Research Ethics Committee.