Bethany Taylor
  • Bethany’s expertise is in gathering and analysing evidence to help improve outcomes. She is skilled in qualitative and quantitative research methods – tailoring approaches to address specific questions posed by health and care organisations. Bethany is especially interested in addressing health inequalities and she seeks work that leads to more just outcomes. 

    Bethany also supports the work of the Decision Support Network - including the Decision Quality for Leaders and the Leadership for Analysts programmes.

    • Evaluation and impact assessment
    • Evidence reviews
    • Learning and development
  • Before joining the Strategy Unit, Bethany completed a Masters in Public Health. She also worked as a researcher for a medical education company. 

    Projects at the Strategy Unit have included: 

    • An evaluation of a contraception in community pharmacies pilot.

    • Project managing the Decision Quality for Leaders programme.

    • Evaluation of ‘111 First’.

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