Craig Parylo
  • Craig is a skilled solutions-oriented analyst focussed on using data-driven insights to improve the lives of patients.

    Working with complex data models Craig translates data captured in real-life scenarios into standardised models used to evidence practice and to highlight where care can be improved.

    • Comparative analysis
    • Evaluation and impact assessment
    • Population mapping
  • Craig previously provided business information management for a Community and Mental Health Trust where he delivered insight into the quality of care and collaborated with decision makers to equitably direct resources.

    Examples include:

    • The uptake of mental health services by children and young people, identifying clear geographic and demographic inequities and subsequently used as part of the introduction of a new GP-aligned children’s wellbeing practitioner service and the targeted expansion of school-based mental services
    • Devised a risk stratified approach to resumption of face-to-face community care following Covid restrictions, ensuring prioritisation for patients at greatest risk
    • A population-weighted geographic model of congenital heart patients in the East Midlands which led to a targeted increase in satellite clinics, an increase in patients seen at clinic and minimised travel times for patients.