Fikriyudin Mufasir
  • Fikriyudin helps organisations to implement data driven decision-making. As a healthcare analyst with a data science background, Fikriyudin has worked in multidisciplinary areas and is able to simplify complex datasets into meaningful insights. He has a particular interest in the application of data science for healthcare. 

    Fikriyudin’s expertise involves: exploratory data analysis (EDA); generating advanced statistical insight ; machine learning; evaluation; data visualisation ; and data analytics and modelling.

    • Comparative analysis
    • Complex modelling
    • Evaluation and impact assessment
  • Prior to joining the Strategy Unit, Fikriyudin provided data visualization and analytical support for an integrated fisheries commerce company. He also has a master’s degree in data science for business. This combination of experience has provided Fikriyudin with a strong foundation of theoretical and practical application.

    Previous work includes :

    • Modelling of staff availability impacted by Covid-19 (MOSAIC) which aims to help NHS management to respond to the impact of Covid-19 on staffing: This model analyses staff availability over time (e.g. as lockdown policy evolves and testing is introduced) reflecting local conditions based on an epidemiology model of infection patterns to determine future capacity and the possible need to temporarily suspend some services.
    • Developed an analytical dashboard to monitor supply chain performance.
    • Service quality evaluation of an Orthopaedic Centre : built new operational procedures that allowed the hospital to redesign treatment process based on a patients age and BMI assessment before receiving treatment.