James Sandy
  • James is a creative communicator who leads projects across governance, partnership development and community engagement. James is adept at ensuring that ‘person’ and ‘place’ remain at the centre of future systems.

    James is also a Board Director of the UKPHR (UK Public Health Register) and a Committee Member & Volunteer Presenter at Birmingham’s Switch Radio.

    • Futures thinking
    • Problem structuring
    • Strategy development
  • James has worked extensively across local government, clinical commissioning, the voluntary sector, and professional bodies leading policy, research and engagement teams. He has experience of complex community questions and enjoys operating in a state of flux.

    James has an MA in European Union Studies and is an active member of the Political Studies Association (PSA).

    James is readily able to hold an audience with his mix of insight and good humour. He has worked to develop equality and diversity teams within organisations and to challenge the realities of service accessibility.

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