• Jenny specialises in supporting strategic decision making and change programmes with data, analysis and theory. Her skills are in both qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as use of management information and data analytics. She is happiest working to bring a new understanding of problems, using her interest in systems, complexity, and data, and identifying opportunities for meaningful change.

    An experienced communicator and facilitator, Jenny is committed to ensuring that all relevant voices are heard and works with a wide range of stakeholders including policy makers, strategic decision makers, front line staff, and community groups. 

    • Evaluation and impact assessment
    • Problem structuring
    • Strategy development
  • Jenny has 15 years of experience in social research and analysis in organisations. Recently, she has focussed on consultancy, working on a range of successful projects including strategy work with the NHS, research on volunteering in the Third sector, a review of community engagement mechanisms for a LA, and evaluation of a decision support tool for an NGO.

    She has extensive experience working in Children’s Social Care using data to link front line practitioners and policy makers together, to inform change programs and improve population outcomes.