• Sally employs a range of analytical and Operational Research methods to support informed decision-making within the health and care setting. In addition to working with large, complex datasets, she is able to link datasets from different sources for more complex analysis. Sally incorporates innovative visualisations to support the effective communication of analyses to a wide range of audiences.

    Sally uses simulation modelling to model aspects of the health and care systems in order to understand how their behaviours can change over time, and explore different scenarios in a risk-free environment.

    Sally is a member of the Operational Research Society and the NHS-R Community.

    • Complex modelling
    • Learning and development
    • Population mapping
  • Prior to joining the Strategy Unit, Sally provided analytical support to Health & Social Care Partnerships and GP clusters in Scotland. She has also used her previous experience as a maths teacher to develop and deliver training for other analysts.

    Previous work includes:

    • Modelling the future demand for care home places – this fed into the transformational plan in deciding where, and by how much, capacity needed to be increased over the next 10 years
    • Modelling the Potential Impact of Rising COVID-19 Related Staff Absences on Home Care Provision: Rapid development and roll-out of a System Dynamics-based model that informed Health & Social Care Partnerships as to how their ability to deliver home care may be impacted by increasing absence, due to Covid-19, of home care workers

    Appointment analyses of GP Practices – identified patterns that allowed practices to redesign aspects of how they deliver their services, to make better use of limited resources.