Shiona Aldridge
Senior Consultant

Shiona has a strong background in evidence and analysis in healthcare and is particularly interested in making the evidence base accessible and practically useful in improving healthcare.
Shiona is able to synthesise across multiple complex sources of evidence and data, to provide clarity and insight. Her expansive knowledge of health and care means she is able to understand the client and their context so that she can provide practical, useable and easily understood outputs. Shiona can adapt insights to suit a range of audiences including policymakers, strategic leads and practitioners.
Shiona’a extensive experience of conducting literature reviews relating to health policy and healthcare interventions spans primary care, community care, acute care, mental health as well as integrated care models. Recent work includes: the development of interactive evidence reviews on interventions to improve planned care; an evidence review exploring interventions to reduce admissions or bed use in mental health inpatient facilities; and the synthesis of evidence from the national new care models vanguard programme. Shiona was also part of a core research team funded by the National Institute for Health Research to conduct a realist review exploring primary care-led integrated models. She led on the synthesis and report writing of one of the review themes (community-based, co-ordinated care is more accessible). She also contributed to the synthesis and writing of one of the other themes (fostering relational behaviours builds resilience within communities) as well as being involved in decisions regarding the methodology, stakeholder engagement and dissemination.