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Evidence insights is a monthly bulletin containing the latest evidence in commissioning and service transformation.  We search a range of sources, selecting the highlights and presenting them in this concise bulletin. It covers everything from new tools and guidance to new research and ‘know how’ from a variety of sources. It also features new work from the Strategy Unit and we always welcome feedback and suggestions on features. 

Current edition

June 2019



Here is the list of our past editions:

February and March 2019

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Special Edition on New Care Models

August 2018 

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Special editions

Our special edition of Evidence Insights dedicated to learning from New Care Models, where we've collated the evidence on the vanguards, which were developed following the 'Five Year Forward View'.  The evidence has been gathered from a range of sources and covers learning from all five vanguard types:

  • Integrated Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS)
  • Multispecialty Community Providers (MCPs)
  • Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH)
  • Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC)
  • Acute Care Collaborations (ACC)

The edition features; evaluations, implementation learning, research, useful resources and the future of New Care Models.

We welcome your feedback about this special edition, if you know of any other sources that would be useful to share on 'New Care Models' (or any other feedback regarding Evidence Insights) we'd love to hear from you.  Please contact Mahmoda Begum on: mahmoda.begum@nhs.net

We'll endeavour to keep this list of evidence on 'New Care Models' updated on our website. 

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