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Our health and care systems know the value of analysts, but it’s up to us to turn those words into action at what is an exciting time for analysts. From providing the knowledge and tools you need to be at the cutting edge of what you do, to sharing your passion and making yourself heard, our expert speakers will share insights and experience from health and care and beyond.

We are honoured to be leading this, first of its kind, national Health and Care Analytics conference. Brought to you in collaboration with the Health Economics Unit and the four NHS Commissioning Support Units, supported by the Association of professional healthcare Analysts (AphA) and the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID), this conference offers the best of analytics, without a commercial agenda.

The conference is free and open to anyone in the NHS, public sector or health and care-related voluntary sector. On 11th-12th July 2023 we are bringing together the best in health and care analytics from across the UK public sector together, to share, learn, inspire and shape the future! This year’s theme is ‘analysts as influencers’ – leading the conversation and driving innovation in their field.

Conference co-chair Ben Goldacre said:

“I’m delighted to be co-chair of national Health and Care Analytics Conference. 
I’ve said before that it’s vital the importance of analytics is recognised in health and care, and this conference is a huge step in making that happen."

Confirmed speakers include:

Alongside these speakers the conference will feature talks, posters, workshops and drop-in rooms from a huge range of organisations, demonstrating the important work being done by analysts in health and care and examining how this drives impactful change.

If you want to find out more about HACA 2023, please check out the conference website  and follow us on Twitter @HACA_Conf #HACA2023.