We have received some fantastic feedback from those who attended our "Science of Improvement" workshop led by our very own Professor Mohammed A Mohammed on Wednesday 27th February 2019. 


David Trigger, NHS Patient Leader and WM Dementia EAG; said: 

The sign on the door said “The Science of Improvement”.  It was a presentation organised by the Neighbourhood Network, sponsored by the Strategy Unit, and despite the slightly dull title, it attracted a full house.  It could well have been that the audience already knew that the presenter was Professor Mohammed A. Mohammed and I know now that he is a star in the world of lecturing.   To try to describe the way that Mohammed imparts knowledge is such a difficult task, but for me he is the tops. The work of W.E. Deming was first under the spotlight with quotes from “Out of Crisis” 1982 and “The New Economics” 1993.  Next we were asked a simple question – What is Improvement – science, art or common sense?  The answer carried a warning that we should all stand beware of Common Sense.  Deming’s “System of Profound Knowledge” was next in the queue to be examined and was used to show that the aim is to “provide an outside view –a lens - by which to understand the organisation we work in.  

My favourite slide was the one where four blind men were given the task of handling one part of an elephant (trunk, foot, ear, tail) and then using that information to describe the whole animal. This slide is often used in presentations to show that it is only by looking at the whole that will show how an organisation works.  Nevertheless, it’s a point made well and well made.  Next was the Grand Tour of Systems, which served to open the minds in the room. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change (Wayne Dwyer).

The core of the presentation explained the Basis of Control, after which the speaker went on to demonstrate the power of Common Cause v. Special Cause. And of course the journey continued via 3 Sigma to show how Shewhart’s control charts provide a basis for Continual Improvement and Performance Management.  The presentation continued along this theme and I must admit to suffering knowledge overload by the end.  Not anything caused by Mohammed, but because I enjoyed it all so much.  Please keep my details on the list to let me know when the Prof. is at the lectern once again.

Other comments included...

“Mohammed was extremely engaging and convincing as a presenter. The session provided some valuable insights”

“I haven't attended something that has shifted my thinking so much for a long time…I plan to present a summary of our discussions and hopefully start a conversation about The Science of Improvement at our senior leaders’ forum in a couple of months.” 

Sam Townsend, Telford Locality Clinical Manager

“Totally new ways of thinking, challenging, exciting and made sense!”

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