In 2015, Dudley embarked on an ambitious journey to transform its health and social care services. Fundamentally, Dudley set out to provide more care outside of hospital settings and in local communities and GP practices.

Dudley did this as part of the national New Care Models programme, which was delivered through 50 local ‘Vanguard’ sites. The idea behind the New Care Models programme was that the Vanguard sites would test new approaches, new services and new ways of working. Where these changes were shown to work, they would be adopted in other parts of the country. This process therefore relied upon good evidence (from evaluation) and proactive sharing of lessons (from Vanguard sites).

The Strategy Unit worked closely with Dudley’s Vanguard programme. Alongside its partners ICF and University of Birmingham’s Health Services Management Centre, we provided research, evaluation, analysis and strategic advice.

We have now launched a specific microsite containing many of the products from that work, drawing together lessons and insights that ought to be of use to other wanting to learn from Dudley’s journey. We hope this process of sharing helps other organisations and other areas across the country.

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