‘Might’ is right
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8th June 2022

A good idea can be ruined by over-selling. The NHS has a tendency to adopt ideas and then move rapidly to wanting them to become certainties.

What begins as a proposition rapidly becomes an assertion, a statement of fact, a policy, a target, a line in a mandated planning template…an obligatory mention in every sentence for the aspiring manager.

The bigger picture
Not set
16th October 2020

Today, the Health Foundation launched the REAL Centre (Research and Economic Analysis for the Long term), an incredibly important initiative to improve long-term planning for health and social care.  The centre’s launch report, the bigger picture, has a simple premise; that if we can understand the changes that have taken place in health and social care and the factors that have driven these changes, then we might be better placed to plan for the future.  The report is based on a detailed and rigorous