Alison Turner
Head of Evidence Analytics

Alison is passionate about using evidence synthesis and knowledge mobilisation skills to provide actionable insights for decision makers.  Alison leads an evidence analysis service, providing high quality analysis of research-derived and implementation evidence to support transformation and strategic commissioning - typically through rapid reviews and desk research, often integrated with qualitative or quantitative analysis.  Alison has highly regarded skills in literature searching; appraisal extraction; summary writing; and synthesis.  Most recently, Alison has led an NIHR-funded realist review exploring the Multispeciality Community Provider (MCP) model of care.

Involved in various initiatives to help decision makers make sense of the latest evidence and knowledge, Alison is a member of the NIHR Dissemination Centre Advisory Group and is on the organising team for the 2018 UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum.  Alison has contributed regularly to the National Elf Service ( on evidence relating to commissioning.  Alison is particularly interested in developing new innovative services to develop more dynamic solutions to keeping decision makers abreast of the latest knowledge, including developing pragmatic versions of “living” reviews and evidence maps and has presented several workshops at key international conferences, with the aim of stimulating a debate on how evidence-informed decision making in strategic change can best be achieved.

Alison is committed to helping clients learn from research and practice, translating and contextualising important findings, and helping decision makers and practitioners apply evidence to the complex problems facing health and social care.