Principles of integrated care

As health and care economies start to plan how they will deliver against the commitments in the NHS Long Term Plan for England, it's a good time to reflect on how the thinking and learning from the Five Year Forward View might be taken forward.  Notably, the New Care Models programme, which set out a series of different models of care.

We've blogged previously about the evidence review we were commissioned to deliver by the National Institute for Health Research's Health Services and Delivery Research programme.  Ours was one of five reviews funded - we looked specifically at the Multispecialty Community Provider model, which focused on an enhanced role for primary care.  We're busy writing up papers but in the meantime, you can read our full report here.  

Since completing our report, we've been working closely with the project leads of the other four evidence reviews funded to collate and share our findings.  We've prepared a high level summary of the five reviews, available to download here, to provide a quick view of the headline messages. 

The full reports are available as follows: