• Chris has expertise in code first data science methods, particularly in the use of statistics and forecasting, and reproducible analytic pipelines and dashboards with the R based Shiny package.

    Chris leads the data science team which is a resource used across the Strategy Unit to improve the robustness and transparency of analytic work (e.g. using reproducible analytic pipelines). The data science team is a core component of the leadership of the NHS-R community and they work nationally through NHS-R to deliver code first data science based training, support, and analytic products across health and social care organisations.

    • Complex modelling
    • Learning and development
  • Chris has led on the collection, collation, and analysis of patient experience in previous roles, and his team are currently working on a project to deliver text mining analytic products to the NHSE Friends and Family test programme.

    He has 10 years of experience developing and deploying data science products in production, in the cloud and on prem, and has been a key leader in the NHS-R community since its inception.