Zaheera Teladia
  • Zaheera specialises in evaluation. She helps health and care organisations understand whether services are delivered as intended, what is working and why. She specialises in qualitative research methods: gathering perspectives from leaders, clinicians, service users and others. 

    Zaheera has a keen interest in health inequalities, inequities in access and the social determinants of health. She uses her multi-lingual skills to work with communities and service users from ethnic minority groups. Zaheera promotes equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and within healthcare. 

    • Evaluation and impact assessment
  • Zaheera has an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences with Social Policy and a Master’s in Public Health. She has extensive experience of working on health-related qualitative evaluations – often as the project manager. Her recent Strategy Unit assignments include:

    • Improving support for patients on waiting lists for elective care. 

    • Collection and sharing of good practice case studies to increase vaccine uptake. 

    • Examining health inequalities in the Black Country and West Birmingham.

    • Researching barriers for minority and vulnerable groups in accessing services during the pandemic.

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