"The Strategy Unit prepared and delivered the Dudley System Scenario Planning Workshop. This was part of our preparation and development process in our MCP journey and will also add value to our assurance processes.  The workshop was attended by staff and senior leaders from all parts of the Dudley Health and Social Care System and provided invaluable insight into planning for a range of eventualities.  All participants were provided with an opportunity to broaden their minds and to think of the possible as well as what may have felt like the impossible.   Some surprising, but consistent, themes were found from the range of scenarios which proved the value of the exercise.  Every person that attended has spoken of the value of the intervention and the outcomes will now be used as we continue to implement our new model of care in Dudley.   The Strategy Unit team did an absolutely fantastic piece of work.  I am constantly reminded of the value of their team, and the scenario planning work has equally impressed me"

Steph Cartwright, Director of Organisational Development, Transformation and Human Resources, Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group

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