Urgent Community Response – What Works?
Blog post
13th May 2022

The Strategy Unit, with our partners Ipsos, has been commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) to provide a long-term national evaluation of the Urgent Community Response programme rolled-out across England. The programme aims to shift resources to home and community-based services as part of the NHS commitment to providing the right care, to the right people, at the right time. And there are a range of outputs from the early work that provide learning for local systems as they develop their services.

The Intellectual Forum: a source of fresh perspectives on decision making  
Blog post
9th November 2021

The literature on decision making is like a disaster movie highlights reel. Barely has one calamity registered before another serious misstep takes its place. Case study after case study flashes past, each with its own lessons and warnings.  

Taking a narrow perspective is a common explanation for failure. The worst decision making is done head down, blinkers on, cheered on by the overconfident and likeminded.  

Infant feeding problems, lockdown and attendance at Emergency Departments: what’s going on?
Blog post
15th September 2021

From our previous work, with Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation, we know that lockdown had a significant effect on attendance at Emergency Departments (ED). We also know that this effect was very unevenly distributed: some demographic groups stayed away far more than others.