The Strategy Unit is leading a partnership providing support on population health management (PHM) for Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs).

This is another significant step in our development: it allows us to add more value by broadening access to our expertise and that of our partners.

The support was commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement (Midlands) and covers eight of the STPs in the Midlands region. The aim is to develop STPs’ approaches to PHM, so the focus is on improving the use of data - in its widest sense - in designing and delivering services to improve outcomes.  

But the programme will focus on much more than this. It will also address the ‘human factors’ – such as culture, decision-making and analytical skills - needed to translate insights into action and outcomes.

The Strategy Unit is leading the programme, working with some excellent partners, including: Oxford Centre for Triple Value Healthcare; Dartmouth InstituteThe Centre for Health and Social Care Leadership (University of Birmingham); Milliman and many others.  Underpinning this is also a collaboration agreement across all CSUs which will ensure sharing of good practice and resources as needed.  

One prominent component of the work is the creation of a ‘PHM Academy’. Through the Academy, STPs in the region will have access to world-leading expertise. There will also be events, webinars and a microsite to share learning with a wider audience.

The Strategy Unit has a simple basic belief: better insight leads to better decisions; better decisions lead to better outcomes. This programme allows us to spread this message and further demonstrate the difference we can make.

For more information, and a short update on progress to May 2019, please see here: