• Fraser helps others to think clearly and make better strategic choices. He is a skilled facilitator and leads several of our training programmes on decision making, strategy, critical thinking and leadership. 

    In addition to his role at the Strategy Unit, Fraser is a trustee at SIFA Fireside, a Policy Fellow  at the Centre for Science and Policy (University of Cambridge), and a Senior Research Associate at the Jesus College Intellectual Forum.


    • Futures thinking
    • Learning and development
    • Strategy development
  • Fraser draws on over 20 years of experience and has worked on multiple areas of public policy. Before joining the NHS, he worked as a consultant in the commercial sector. There he provided research, analysis and advice to organisations at all levels of government - from local to national to European. He has also worked internationally, including a spell in Toronto. 

    Fraser recently led our ‘Decision Quality for Leaders’ training programme, was a key contributor to the ‘Leadership for Analysts’ programme, and created a series of ‘Thinking Tools for Decision Making’ training workshops. Before that, he was the Director of the ‘Midlands Population Health Management Academy’ - a programme led by the Strategy Unit to support the uptake of Population Health Management practices.

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