Given the pressures within the NHS, being able to identify opportunities for efficiencies and improvements is vital to inform commissioning intentions.  This report is an example of analytical work which to support commissioners.  The objective of this report is to provide information to support CCGs to review inpatient, outpatient and A&E utilisation rates and identify potential QIPP opportunities. Rather than focusing on hospital utilisation rates as a whole, the report shows utilisation rates for those subsets of hospital activity which may be amenable to commissioner based QIPP schemes. The report compares the rates in these subsets with the rates in a set of nearest-neighbour comparator CCGs. We recommend that this information should be reviewed in conjunction with a wider planning process. 

This report is the second in a set of three reports produced by the Strategy Unit that each address a crucial aspect of commissioner planning for acute services. As a collective these three reports provide a useful and robust framework on which local commissioners can base their strategic planning.”  

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