How data makes things worse
Blog post
26th October 2023

All light brings shade. My list of ‘changes that have been all upside and no downside’ is short and debatable. It extends to anaesthetic dentistry, clean air, and clean water.

Maybe there are more.

But rather than trying to add to this list, what I'd like to do is to employ the founding insight: to look for the downsides that come with any innovation, however positive seeming. Plenty of people want others to see the light; I want them to recognise the shade.

I’ll do that here using the example of data to inform decision making.

Helping ICSs to reduce inequalities in access to planned care
Long read
27th September 2022

Are there inequalities in access to planned care? If so, what are they? Which groups ‘gain’ and which groups suffer? And what could be done to address any inequalities? In pursuing their objective of reducing inequalities, what could Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) do? What strategies and approaches are likely to be successful?

What matters when waiting? – involving the public in NHS waiting list prioritisation
Blog post
27th September 2022

As the NHS emerged out of the pandemic, it was confronted with the challenge of not only recovery of unprecedented waiting lists, but with inequalities which required attention. NHS leaders challenged providers to restore inclusively and at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, we have developed a way of doing just that, whilst simultaneously reducing waiting times for all.