Ellie has recently achieved a Master’s degree in Population Health from University College London and has joined the Strategic Change team, working as a research assistant. Ellie’s background is in Sociology, where she developed a particular interest in health inequalities and the social determinants of health. Her recent project experience has been on the impact of COVID-19 and inequalities in access to health services.

Before joining The Strategy Unit, Ellie conducted qualitative sexual health research and used her research findings to create new content for the Contraception Choices website, which has been designed by a team of doctors, nurses and researchers from UCL, in collaboration with women. She has an interest in social research methods and the need for in-depth understanding of patient and clinician experience for improving care and informing health policy. Ellie is looking forward to developing her research and analytical skills with The Strategy Unit and is motivated to help to improve health and wellbeing through targeting population needs.