Eleanor Jones
  • Ellie specialises in qualitative evaluation. She is skilled at conducting research with a range of stakeholders - including staff, patients, community representatives and decision makers. Ellie applies a variety of analytical frameworks to understand and explain qualitative findings. This informs decision making, helping services to improve outcomes and address inequalities.

    • Evaluation and impact assessment
    • Learning and development
  • Ellie has a background in population health, with a special interest in health inequalities and inequities in access to health and care services. She has gained experience on a wide range of projects with the Strategy Unit, including:

    • A qualitative exploration of health inequalities in the Black Country and West Birmingham, used to develop their health inequalities strategy.

    • Collating case studies of community interventions for increasing the COVID-19 vaccination uptake.

    • A national evaluation of the High Intensity Use service.

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