Mike Woodall
  • Mike leads on quantitative evaluation within the Strategy Unit. He works with national and local programmes to assess the feasibility of different quantitative evaluation methods, develop evaluation and metrics frameworks and employ quasi-experimental methods. He is especially skilled in linking datasets across health and care to improve evaluations.

    Mike also has expertise in System Dynamics Modelling and how this method, developed in business settings, can be applied in healthcare. Mike has been involved in training other analysts in the use of this type of modelling.


    • Economic analysis
    • Evaluation and impact assessment
    • Problem structuring
  • Mike has over 25 years’ experience in analytical roles across the health and care sector. He has worked on projects within commissioning, acute, community, mental health and social care settings. During that time, Mike has led many quantitative evaluations - including a ‘Vertical Integration’ project in Wolverhampton, which was published in the British Journal of General Practice. He is currently managing the quantitative elements of two national cancer programmes.

    As a response to the Covid pandemic, Mike developed a System Dynamics model to help NHS services better understand their waiting lists. This involved working with stakeholders across the Midlands to map the waiting list process and develop scenarios to test the impact of the pandemic and the systems recovery on the waiting list numbers.

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