Mike Woodall
Integration Analytics Lead

Mike leads a team which has successfully delivered reports that match data across health and social care to provide insight on the local health economy. The reports have supported integrated planning by defining the proportion and characteristics of the small number of very high cost individuals who consume the most resources. The data can be used to develop new commissioning initiatives targeting high cost service groups and to evaluate those that have been implemented.  The team has supported a number of Better Care Fund Pioneer and Vanguard Sites to understand how health and social care services are delivered in their local health economies so they can develop plans to manage demand across the system.

Mike is currently leading the evaluation of the 'Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge' Plus Test Bed Programme in Birmingham and Solihull. The programme is a combination of technological innovation and service re-design and Mike has developed the quantitative methodology for evaluating the programme including a comprehensive baseline report and a matched cohort study to assess the impact on reducing mental health crises. The evaluation will take into account the impact of the overall programme along with an approach to attributing the impact to individual initiatives using quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Mike has over 20 years’ experience of managing and analysing data across commissioners and providers within both health and social care. He is able to analyse and present complex data in a clear and concise format that can be used for decision making. He has developed monitoring systems and performance targets for integrated care metrics.