Richard joined the Strategy Unit after completing a master’s degree in clinical and health psychology in 2018. He conducts evidence reviews and qualitative research and contributes to service and programme evaluation.

Working across the ‘evidence and knowledge’ and ‘qualitative research and evaluation’ teams within the Strategy Unit, Richard has produced a variety of evidence products to better inform decision-making across a diverse range of topics, including predictive tools for end of life care, and gathering data on inequalities in access to mental health care for children and young people. During the pandemic, Richard worked to screen, collate and disseminate emerging research evidence on topics relevant to Covid-19. He has also carried out qualitative interviewing, data collection and analysis on evaluations at national and local level.

Richard has a diverse set of interests which he strives to apply in his role as a consultant. These broadly relate to health inequalities and the wider societal factors that influence health, mental health, social and emotional development, and qualitative and quantitative research methods.

This captures what he enjoys most about being part of the Strategy Unit- the opportunity to blend his diverse skills and research interests to improve decision-making in healthcare.