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Blog post
9th November 2021

The literature on decision making is like a disaster movie highlights reel. Barely has one calamity registered before another serious misstep takes its place. Case study after case study flashes past, each with its own lessons and warnings.  

Taking a narrow perspective is a common explanation for failure. The worst decision making is done head down, blinkers on, cheered on by the overconfident and likeminded.  

The Analysts Revolution
Blog post
24th June 2020

Health and social care systems do not make best use of existing analytical talents and resources. Analysts are often frustrated and de-skilled; decision-makers don't always make good use of analysis.

If this is true, then what should be done? What is the agenda for analysts? What are the skills, attributes and ways of working that they need to develop? How can they pool resources and expertise? And what about decision-makers? What could they do to make better use of insights from analytical work? What should the future look like?