Another look at inequality and NHS action on cardiovascular disease
Blog post
9th February 2021

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be one of the leading causes of death and disease in the UK. It is the leading cause of death in men, second leading cause in women, and around 7.4m of the population currently live with CVD.


The NHS has long identified CVD as a priority. It is one of the main disease groups where primary preventative measures can make a difference. And great progress has been made: over recent decades mortality rates have fallen, as public health and healthcare measures have made inroads into the problem.

NHS-R: 2020 in Review
Blog post
5th February 2021

In 2020, collaboration and community meant more than ever. And the response to the pandemic highlighted the value of analysis. We needed open and transparent analysis and we wanted to find the ways to share statistical models across the UK and health and social care sector.

So NHS-R Community is looking back and reflecting on how we spent this challenging year.

Strategy Unit analysis published showing changes in use of emergency departments under lockdown
Blog post
28th January 2021

We know that patterns of access to healthcare have changed during the pandemic. We know this will affect people’s health. And we also know that this will be unevenly felt. The more precisely we can analyse these problems, the better our ability to respond appropriately.

Our analysis of access to emergency departments (ED) during ‘Lockdown 1’ contributes to this evidence base. It shows that there was a radical fall in activity, but that this was concentrated in specific ethnic, age and diagnostic groups.