Andrew Jones
  • Andrew is a skilled analyst and a clear thinker. His research often considers strategically important yet under-addressed issues in health and care. As such, Andrew’s analysis often sheds light upon important policy issues. He has a particular aptitude for deconstructing complicated systems and processes - and for communicating technical topics with clarity.


    • Comparative analysis
    • Complex modelling
    • Learning and development
  • Andrew has worked for the Strategy Unit since 2015, covering both research and education. His recent project work includes:

    • Analysing opportunities for NHS services to address health inequalities.

    • An investigation of the cost growth in specialised services.

    • Development of a new classification system for outpatient activity. 

    In 2018, Andrew was invited to develop and lead the inaugural NHS-R training series, and he has continued to support public sector colleagues in the use of various analytical techniques.

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