Andy Hood
  • Andy specialises in the analysis of mental health datasets and the links between physical and mental health. With a background in public health, Andy has a strong appreciation of evidence appraisal, evaluation and research methods, epidemiology, health inequalities, prevention, health improvement and partnership working. 

    Andy’s expertise is in finding creative solutions to thorny problems - and helping organisations to bridge the gaps between data, insight and action. He has particularly strong relationship management and collaboration skills. 

    • Complex modelling
    • Evaluation and impact assessment
    • Population mapping
  • Andy has an academic and practical background in public health, having worked in the NHS in analytical and intelligence roles for 17 years. 

    Whilst at the Strategy Unit, Andy has led on a several major projects, including a report on making the case for integration of mental and physical health. This provided new insights and understanding - highlighting the need to improve the way services are delivered. He also produced a model to predict surges in Covid-related mental health demand. 

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