The project is now completed and the final outputs can be seen here.

Building the Right Support is a national plan to provide better support to people with a learning disability or autism.

It says what services and supports are needed to help people whose behaviour challenges services or who have mental health problems.

This is because too many people are living in hospitals and assessment and treatment centres. Many have been living in such places for a very long time. Often they are a long way from their home, family and friends.

NHS England has asked four organisations to do research to find out about Building the Right Support:

The research will find out what is working, what is not working and what can be done better. It ends in summer 2019.

The reports below contain findings from the research done so far. These are not final results. The reports are:

  1. A short summary of the main recommendations from the research done so far.
  2. An accessible summary of these recommendations.
  3. A ‘You said, we did’ paper from NHS England showing how it is using findings from the research.
  4. A 'You said, we did' easy read version 
  5. A report of what people involved in Building the Right Support at national level think about how well it is going.
  6. A report showing how well Building the Right Support is going in ten local areas.
  7. A report of a survey of people from across England who are trying to make the changes that Building the Right Support recommends.


NHS England Learning Disability Advisor Gavin Harding, and National Learning Disability Director Ray James said:

We want to thank everyone who has contributed their insights to this evaluation and we are determined to ensure that we use it to inform how we best share what really works to make a positive difference to the lives of people with a learning disability, autism or both. There are helpful suggestions about what works well and about what we need to do differently with and for local people. Our focus now needs to be on continuing to ensure that in every part of the country we enable people to lead lives of their choosing in homes not hospitals.  Spreading the learning from evaluations like this will continue to be a key part of how we achieve that.


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