Evaluating and embedding social values in procurement at East London NHS Foundation Trust
Evaluation and impact assessment
November 2022

This report presents emerging findings from the early development stages of a social value approach to procurement by East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT). These findings provide insights for other organisations beginning to explore how to use procurement to contribute to improving health and reducing health inequalities.

Estimating the impact of the proposed reforms to the Mental Health Act on the workload of psychiatrists
Mental health
October 2021

In January 2021, the Government published a White Paper, setting out its plans to reform the Mental Health Act. The Government invited views on the paper and in July 2021, it published a summary of the consultation responses and its plans to address the issues raised.

‘To risk stratify or not risk stratify, that is the question’ (At least, it should be)
Better use of analysis
October 2021

Risk stratification tools are ubiquitous in healthcare. The concept is simple and seductive. By predicting the risk of future adverse events, we should be able to target efforts to avoid/mitigate them. Doing so would save both money and misery.  

But, as Niels Bohr said wryly, “Prediction isn’t easy, especially about the future”. And the challenges of prediction increase as the thing we are trying to predict gets less specific (e.g. the risk of emergency admission in general). The challenges associated with risk stratification are nearly as great as its promises.