The COVID-19 response required rapid change and innovation across health and care. As part of a wider package of evaluation support, from April to June, the Strategy Unit led some qualitative work (training and supporting CCG staff to conduct interviews) across an STP to capture learning from primary care (primarily PCN clinical leads) and community nursing leads about their experiences. The interviews explored the rapid move to total triage, video and online team communications, changes to day-to-day practices, working with care homes and their views on the backlog and unmet need.

We held weekly reflective learning workshops with the CCG to both share learning and provide practical support with the delivery of the interviews. We also provided weekly rapid-cycle reporting of headline findings from an initial analysis of interview notes and recordings. Here we share the three rapid-cycle reports that were provided to the STP during the crisis period.


We are currently completing a full analysis of these interviews with an associated discursive report. Interviews are also underway with patients, system leaders, and operational staff across the health and care system, including mental health, cancer and urgent care services, care home managers and social care – all of which will be reported in September.

The Strategy Unit is currently involved in a wide range of other initiatives to support the COVID-19 response and recovery including through our collaboration with leading think tanks. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.