Making sense of evidence
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19th October 2020

It's time to celebrate World Evidence-Based Healthcare (EBHC)  Day.  In a world dominated by COVID-19 and the associated infodemic, this day arguably has more resonance. Closer to home, EBHC Day also coincides with our Insight 2020 festival and the launch of the Midlands Decision Support network.  What better opportunity to ask, 'what does evidence-informed decision making actually mean'?

The bigger picture
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16th October 2020

Today, the Health Foundation launched the REAL Centre (Research and Economic Analysis for the Long term), an incredibly important initiative to improve long-term planning for health and social care.  The centre’s launch report, the bigger picture, has a simple premise; that if we can understand the changes that have taken place in health and social care and the factors that have driven these changes, then we might be better placed to plan for the future.  The report is based on a detailed and rigorous

The Analysts Revolution
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24th June 2020

Health and social care systems do not make best use of existing analytical talents and resources. Analysts are often frustrated and de-skilled; decision-makers don't always make good use of analysis.

If this is true, then what should be done? What is the agenda for analysts? What are the skills, attributes and ways of working that they need to develop? How can they pool resources and expertise? And what about decision-makers? What could they do to make better use of insights from analytical work? What should the future look like?