Peter Spilsbury
  • Peter has led the Strategy Unit since its inception. He is a recognised thought leader in how the NHS can become more analytically driven. Peter is valued for his strategic and analytical insights, creative thought, desire to support the development of skills across the NHS - and his core commitment to public value. Peter’s technical expertise is rooted in economics, philosophy, and nearly 40 years of practice. He is especially known for his knowledge of: leadership of analytical excellence; high quality strategic planning; the application of economic thinking; working with clinicians and others to find opportunities for improvement; and inspiring change and catalysing partnerships. Peter’s unique contribution to the Strategy Unit has been the creation of a culture that celebrates technical prowess alongside joy in work.

    • Learning and development
    • Options appraisal
    • Strategy development
  • Peter has worked in the NHS for nearly 40 years. In that time, he has held Director positions in provider, commissioning and strategic NHS organisations. He has also worked nationally - including leading a review of payment systems that reported directly to the then Secretary of State. Peter’s long experience adds unique insight to the Strategy Unit’s work. He provides critical input at the initiation and concluding stage of most of our larger scale projects. Peter helps structure projects with clients and brings challenge and quality assurance internally. This helps to ensure that our work exhibits its most important insights in ways that are applicable in the real world. Peter also contributes regularly to the dissemination of our work - helping clients make the most of the Strategy Unit’s insights.

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