Peter Spilsbury
Director of The Strategy Unit

Peter is a nationally recognised expert in the use of analytical thinking combined with pragmatic action to drive strategic innovation in health and care services. He has a particular interest in collaborative working, grounded in clinical engagement and leadership, and the delivery of workable strategic change in complex systems.  During his 35 year career with the NHS he has worked for hospitals, health authorities, regional authorities and primary care trusts in the West Midlands in director roles leading on commissioning, planning and strategy.  He also has extensive experience in both programme leadership and assurance. He has a strong personal reputation for his integrity, commitment to NHS values and independence of thought, and is a trusted advisor for many.
Peter has worked on the development of national policy (including the Operating Framework) and was asked by DH to broker national agreements in relation to payment policies for specialist hospitals.  He led a national review of Payment by Results reporting to the then Secretary of State, delivering ‘Options for the Future of Payment by Results 2008/09-2010/11’.

Peter has led the development and evaluation of major strategic frameworks for whole economies as well as service strategies at a more granular level and large scale business cases.  He has regularly participated in national programmes of strategic work in an advisory capacity.  He has led many innovative programmes of work including Investing in Health in the West Midlands, with its ahead- of- its- time emphasis on early intervention and care closer to home. That cumulative experience, however, has led him to increasingly question the value of 'grand plans' and to become ever more focused on what can be done practically to enable the dynamics of self-improving systems, equipped with the right skills and fully informed by evidence and high quality analysis and feedback mechanisms.. For this reason he seeks out opportunities to work with health organisations and systems that are really driven to be innovative with discipline, that don’t just swallow the latest fashion or group-think and that trust and support the imagination, skills and experience of their front line to do the right thing for their patients and public.  

Peter has built The Strategy Unit over the last decade into a highly regarded, expert and trusted service that not only uses but also adds to the national and international evidence base about 'what works and why'- he revels in the team of people that he has gathered around him and the fantastic feedback they receive for the innovative, important and useful work that they do. Peter's continued ambition for the Strategy Unit, working with its partners,   is to further grow in-house capability to undertake complex strategic work that makes a real difference  and to offer the NHS , local government and the third sector a proven high quality consultancy alternative that works to NHS values

Peter studied at Magdalen College, Oxford University and has a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.