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The Strategy Unit has long been known for the quality of its analytical work, and the clear, critical thinking that underpins it. More recently, we have been asked to provide leadership training and support for organisational development. Individuals, teams, organisations and Systems have found this valuable. We have also enjoyed doing it. And now we are opening our offer so others can benefit.

The detail is in the documents below. Fundamentally, our offer is grounded in a core belief that better evidence, allied to better decision making, leads to better outcomes. We believe that through the skilful use of data and evidence, and better decision making practices, health and care leaders can take actions to improve the quantity and quality of life for the populations they serve.

This sounds simple. And yet we do not see a linear - or even entirely rational - process. Health and care systems are complex, with many moving parts and unpredictable interactions. Control is limited, and leaders don’t hold all the cards. They need to act mindful of this complexity: knowing there are ways of reducing, but never eradicating uncertainty; and expecting that plans will be altered by contact with the real world.

A culture of enquiry and learning is needed to flourish in this environment. Inquisitive questions asked, and multiple forms of evidence gathered, interrogated and integrated. This requires a culture that values diverse perspectives: consensus can dampen creativity; divergence can be stimulating. And, accepting all the challenge and uncertainty inherent in difficult decisions, leaders and their organisations must act – preparing to learn and adapt as they do so.  

To enable this, leaders need to think creatively, analytically, and flexibly. They need to understand complexity. They need to balance the relational and technical elements of decision making. They need to know what high-quality decision making processes look like. They need to understand themselves and those around them. They need to be confident to challenge and develop strong working relationships with others: creating mutual accountability, with the ambition to learn rather than punish.

This is a tall order.

Our offer, set out in the documents below, is therefore designed to support individuals, teams, organisations and Systems to achieve these aims. We also have a specific offer to support Boards.

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