Head of Strategic Analytics

Steven’s analysis of admission thresholds in English accident and emergency departments was published by the Emergency Medicine Journal. The work tracked more than 20 million A&E attenders over five years and evidenced increases in the acuity and complexity of patients attending A&E and a reduction in the casemix-adjusted risk of admission.  The work represents an important contribution to the debate about A&E pressures and goes some way to explain increases in A&E waiting time breaches despite limited increases in demand. The work was referenced in the NHS Long Term Plan.

Steven conducted an evaluation of the original 'Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge' psychiatric liaison service in Birmingham and Solihull.  Using a matched cohort study design, the evaluation robustly estimated the impact of the service on admissions of patients presenting with mental health problems and the length of stay of patients with mental health comorbidities. Translating these changes into financial impacts for commissioners and providers, the evaluation provided sufficient evidence to ensure the long-term funding of the 'Rapid Assessment Interface and Discharge' service.  The service model has subsequently been adopted by many health systems in the UK.

Steven led a national development project to introduce outcome-based contracts for Stop Smoking Services. An independent evaluation found that the project successfully increased the supply of stop smoking services whilst reducing health inequalities. The approach was advocated in national guidance and the currencies and tariffs were incorporated into national schedules. This remains one of the few genuine examples of an NHS outcomes-based contracts that has been successfully evaluated.

Steven’s key interest lies in selecting and applying analytical methods to address real-world problems. Drawing on an extensive array of analytical techniques and a detailed understanding of UK health and care systems, Steven is able to recognise, assess and deconstruct the difficulties facing health systems, propose suitable analytical solutions and mobilise a team of analysts to deliver them.

Steven has 20 years’ experience managing analytical services in the health and social care sector. He was awarded a BSc. Hons in Pure Mathematics and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Birmingham.